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How & Why To Hire A Private Bartender in Miami

Miami, better known as “The Magic City,” leaves an impression on anyone that visits even once. The city is beautiful in the day, but it’s the night when it truly comes alive. From private parties to clubs unlike any other in the US, there is no better place to enjoy and throw a party.

But in a city filled to the brim with excitement, how can your party stand out? With a private bartender, of course! Hiring a private bartender in Miami is a simple and surefire way to make it exciting. Private bartender of Richard Charles Events explains the how and why!

How To Hire a Private Bartender

There are over 700,000 bartenders in the US, some of them being private bartenders – meaning there are a lot of choices. But you can’t pick any off the street if you want to make your party memorable. If you’re hiring a private bartender, you need to start off with references. Make a list of all the things you want in your party and check against recommended bartenders to see which one fits the bill. Find out what they’ll provide in terms of equipment, the costs, and the packages they offer.

Why Hire a Private Bartender?

There are many reasons you should hire a private bartender.

Enjoy Your Party

How many times have you had a party and had to run around all night to make sure your guests were happy and didn’t have the time to mingle and enjoy? That’s likely the worst part of throwing a party on your own. Hire Bartender Miami party will free you up to enjoy your party. You can be a guest at your own party because you won’t be on duty all night. Of course, your guests would prefer it too if they got to spend time with the host.

Buy The Right Amount of Drinks

On average, a person will drink a bottle of beer every half hour of the party. But what if you’re serving wine? Or champagne? Or a multitude of drinks? How do you even decide what the right amount of drinks is? A lot of people can’t figure it out and end up buying more or less than they need. However, a professional is well-versed in how many guests will need how many drinks; ergo, you will be buying the right amount of drinks for your party.

No Over-Serving

When guests pour their own drinks, they may pour too much. This doesn’t only ruin the fun, but guests may become tipsy quickly, and your party may end up looking something like a frat party. Hire a private bartender instead and save yourself the headache.

Hire A Private Bartender In Miami with Richard Charles Events

If you’re looking to hire a private bartender in Miami that offers unique cocktails and positive vibes, Richard Charles Events is the way to go! We are private Event Bartender Miami that offer service bar packages and give you the exact vibe you’re looking for. Contact us for a free quote or more information on our packages today!

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